Some History on Twantay Township and our music programme at the Mingalar Parahita School

We have been serving in the Twantay Township for the past year and a half. We had an amazing bunch of volunteers who have supported this work regularly and we are very grateful for their support.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Nyein San Hla who managed our accounts and oversaw the programme.
Phyu Lae for her enthusiasm and hard work in administration, teaching and supporting the children.
Yoe Yoe, Aye Min, Nyi Naing, for taking the time to travel down to twantay to teach the kids.
We will always be grateful and we wish you all well in your future endeavours.

Today, we have Hariko who goes down weekly to support the children with their learning. Under her tutelage, the student numbers have grown and the older kids are even teaching the younger ones how to play. It’s amazing to see how our programme has developed over time.
We have also grown in our understanding and openness to cultural differences and bridge understanding. This is as much a journey for these kids as it is for us.

An Update on Tachileik and our music programme at Grace Educare Ministry

Recently, Pastor David Aung Kyaw Htwe from Grace Educare Ministry, Tachileik, reached out to us and asked for our support. With some emailing and communication we identified the need and within a month and a half, our ED, Noella Yan, made a trip down together with our Programme Lead, Samuel, with 10+ Violins and 10+ Guitars. In the process we also met Mary Sung who Pastors at Faith Baptist Church and Kindergarten.

With the resources that we brought over that all of you have so graciously donated to us, we managed to set up a guitar and violin class with a similar model that we have set up at Twantay Township. We’ve also been able to gift a full size guitar to Faith Baptist Church.

These children that are under the care of Pastor David Aung Kyaw Htwe, are children of parents who have been rendered unable to support their children anymore due to various reasons such as poverty, drug addiction, death. Tachileik is a border state where the drug trade is rampant and in turn causes the fabric of society to disintegrate rapidly. Environments that are not conducive to economic growth, are often more at risk of falling victims to drug abuse. Moreover, drugs are in very high demand so it is easy for a poverty stricken family/person to go into the trade as it serves as a steady income for the family.

That said, ever since our visit, the children have been having guitar and violin lessons every day. Even more than we expected and our hearts are filled with warmth each time we see a new video upload of the kids skills steadily improve every single day. The eagerness to learn is amazing and we are thankful to be a part of this journey with the kids of Grace Educare Ministry.

We will write a little story about Pastor David Aung Kyaw Htwe in our next post. How he came to be and why he came to be.

Stay tuned!

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