So the past week, we did a call out for some guitar strings and some rosin and some violin strings.

WE GOT A BAG FULL! So thankful for all the support. It’s amazing because you make this work so possible that whenever we have momentary fears of not having enough, it’s always put to rest because of your consistent generosity, kindness, and fierce support.

We’re really really grateful. At this very moment, Noella & Samuel are travelling to Tachiliek with boxes full of guitars, violins, music books and lots of strings to fix up all the guitars & violins that are already there.

We had a little hiccup at check-in because we were about 2kg over BUT…. we took out some stuff and brought it down to 1kg over and they let us through 🙂 A little bit of a bummer but glad they didn’t give us too much trouble for being 1kg over.

So now, hopefully we don’t get stopped on the other side! The last time we brought over a buncha instruments, they stopped us and insisted on charging us a fee to bring them through.

That is the update for now.

ALSO, BIG SHOUT OUT TO ALL SCRIPT! They kindly donated a huge box of toys and we brought them over as well to give to the kids who are still too young for the music classes.

Check back soon!

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